Transition to Pillar

We understand the difficulty and stress during transitional times, so we’ve created a process to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. When you decide to switch to Pillar, you’ll be assigned your own Transition Manager who’ll manage the complete transition process to ensure ease. We keep every party involved and aware during the transition process and monitor that every adjustment is made and every plan executed properly.
Our Transition Manager will hold a conference with the property management to discuss their expectations, questions, and concerns. We will then acquaint ourselves with the property: exterior perimeter, internal systems onsite, amenities, parking levels, and surrounding areas. We will also conduct a complete security audit of the security systems such as CCTV’s, DVR’s, and the Fire Panel to ensure that all is well.
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The final stage involves hiring and training the right executive concierge, as well as support staff for various security duties, during which we will develop and maintain well-indexed, site-specific written instructions (‘post orders’) for the guards on the duty. Once the proper team has been assembled, we train and evaluate staff on procedures & security systems, then create a schedule for regular on-site meetings to monitor the service and to ensure we’re communicating effectively with property management.